december glaze

Raku Glaze

January Raku Pottery Glaze: Forbes Cobalt Crust #2

Gerstley Borate                  57%
Synthetic Bone Ash            19
Nepheline Syenite               10
EPK                                    9
Silica                                   5

Copper Carbonate                 8
Cobalt Carbonate                  2
Silica                                   5

Fired to 1900 F with heavy post firing reduction using newspaper.  No burping.

Raku Glaze

December Raku Pottery Glaze: Forbes Copper Satin Matte, Variation 2

50 Gerstley Borate
20 Frit 3269
15  Nepheline Syenite
15  Lithium Carbonate

17 Synthetic Bone Ash
6  Tin Oxide
5  Copper Carbonate
1  Cobalt Carbonate

Photo is of two test tiles both fired in the same kiln to 1875 degrees F and reduced in the same 10 gallon can with 6 sheets of newspaper (3
torn into strips).  Lid was placed on the can immediately which produced a medium reduction.  Can was not burped and tiles were left
to cool.