Unique Raku Pottery from Steven Forbes-deSoule
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Vertical Winged Raku Vessel


9"W x 6"D x 16.5"H

This colorful raku sculpture was built using a thrown bisque mold and torn slabs of clay.  Once it was removed from the mold, it was altered. The colors in my raku pottery derive from the special glazes and underglazes that I use.  The body of this raku pottery vessel is epoxied to the base.  Of course, both the body and base are raku fired.

This unique raku pottery sculpture was hand built using the raku firing process.  Please see here for more of my available raku sculptures.  I develop all of my glaze recipes myself, which to me makes the work more personal and more intimate.  The glazes are then sprayed, poured and/or painted on the pieces.  As with all of my raku pottery, no two pieces are alike!

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Unique Raku Pottery from Steven Forbes-deSoule
Unique Raku Sculpture from Steven Forbes-deSoule