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(New) Vance Knob Diamond


36"W x 36"H

These colorful raku tiles were individually cut 9" square from 3/8" thick slabs of clay.  After drying, they were bisque fired standing upright in the kiln.  Once cooled, they were laid out in the desired size and shape.  The pattern was pencil drawn as a guide for the underglazes and glazes, which are applied in the desired areas.   Each tile is created from homemade glazes that I make using different combustibles.

They are then fired 3 at a time in the raku kiln.  For hanging, 4 loop tabs are chemically bonded to the back of each tile.  After the bond cures, a wire is threaded through the tabs and secured, so the top of the wire on all of the tiles is 1 1/8" from the top edge when stretched tight.  Then I hang the piece using 10 pound picture hooks.  When in I get the spacing correct, I take the tiles down and make a template for the potential customer to use when hanging in their space.

For more colors and sizes, please see all my available raku wall hangings.

These wall pieces were created using the raku process. To learn more about my raku pottery and how my wall pieces are created, please visit my raku firing page and please contact me if you would like more information. 

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Wall Hangings from Steven Forbes-deSoule
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