Tall Raku Pottery Vase
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Tall Raku Vase


19"H x 7"W x 6”D

This colorful raku pottery vase is truly eye popping.  The glittering reds, yellows, blues and greens add a unique vibrancy that will light up any room. Perfect for any naturally lit hallway or as a stand alone entrance piece.

Raku Pottery Process

This lively ceramic vase was first molded on the potter's wheel and then raku fired.  Special proprietary glazes were applied to bring out the bottle's unique textures and reflective properties.   

You can learn more about my raku glazes here.

The various textures and colors you see are dependent on the the amount of oxygen allowed during the raku firing and cooling. The vase has been waterproofed by coating the inside with liquid silicone so it is ready to hold your favorite flower arrangement.

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This raku pottery vase was developed using the raku firing technique. To learn more about raku pottery and my process please visit my raku firing page. To sign up for news & information regarding my exhibitions or monthly discounted raku pottery for sale please click here. Planning a trip to Western North Carolina? Contact Sherry at Art Connections Tours for a tour of my pottery studio.

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Tall Raku Pottery Vase
Tall Raku Ceramic Vase