Raku Pottery Wall Pieces
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Space Rock Shards


25"H x 24"W as shown

These beautifully illuminated ceramic pieces were developed using the raku pottery process.  The textures and vibrant colors were developed using underglazes and proprietary glaze recipes.  I apply my own unique glazes and underglazes by pouring, spraying and painting them on to each raku piece. The special design, unique textures and reflective elements of each raku shard are dependent on how much reduction I allow during the raku firing and cooling.

Please see here for more of my raku wall hangings.

To learn more about raku pottery and my process please visit my raku firing page or if you’re in Western North Carolina, plan a visit to my studio with Sherry & Art Connections Tours. To sign up for news & information regarding my exhibitions or monthly discounted raku pottery for sale please click here.

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Raku Pottery Wall Pieces
Raku Pottery Wall Art