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(New) Shimmering Raku Sea Globe with Altered Rim


10"W x 9.5"H

My raku pottery was crafted using the American raku process. This one-of-a-kind pottery globe was fired in the bisque kiln but was first developed on the potter’s wheel. After the firing, I sprayed, poured and painted various raku glazes that I have developed over the years.

See some of my raku pottery glaze recipes.

Each raku pottery piece includes my different glazes and underglazes, making the entire process more personal and enjoyable. Once the glazes have been applied the pottery is raku fired.

Post Firing Reduction

Once the pottery is fired in the kiln, the pieces are moved into a reduction chamber (a fancy name for a metal receptacle). I fill the container with newspaper, which I use as my combustible.   Containing the fire allows me to develop the desired effects. When I starve the pottery of oxygen, it creates a carbon-rich environment.  To me, the serendipity of creating my raku pottery this way is very exciting!  After 30 minutes, I open the container to see what unique characteristics and textures I have made as there is no telling what the final results will be. One thing I know for sure is that each piece will have unique properties and no two are alike!

This beautiful raku pottery piece makes the perfect gift and is a great addition as an entrance piece or a well-lit hallway.

To learn more about raku pottery and my process please visit my raku firing page. To sign up for news & information regarding my exhibitions or monthly discounted raku pottery for sale please click here.

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Copy of Steven Forbes-deSoule Raku Pottery of the Month
Copy of Raku Pottery of the Month (Detail)