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(New) Rising from the Ashes #3


24"H x 18”W

This decorative raku pottery sculpture was hand built. After bisque firing, different underglazes and glazes were sprayed on the piece before it was raku fired. 

See some of my raku pottery glaze recipes.

I personally develop all of my raku glaze recipes, which to me makes the work more personal and intimate.   The underglazes and glazes are used to enhance the underlying design and texture of the raku pottery piece. 

Post Firing Reduction

After my raku pottery has been fired in the kiln and glazes have been applied, the hot pieces are moved into a metal receptacle filled with newspaper, which I use as my combustible.   When I can contain the fire, it allows me to develop the desired effects. I simply place a lid on the reduction chamber (trash receptacle), smother the flames and create a carbon-rich environment.  To me, the serendipity of this raku process is very exciting!  When I open the container after about 30 minutes, there is no telling what the final results will be and what unique properties each raku pottery piece will have.

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