Raku Pottery Vessel from Steven Forbes-deSoule
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Reverse Space Rock Globe


9.5"H x 8" W

Creating Raku Pottery

This radiant space rock globe was created using the Raku Pottery technique.  As with most of my raku vessels, this piece was thrown on the pottery wheel.  Each raku pottery piece that I make is complemented with proprietary glazes that I create from scratch.

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When these glazes are applied (poured, sprayed or painted), they help bring out the colors and the special textures that you see.  It becomes something very personal when I make the raku glazes myself as I develop a special connection with each raku pottery piece.

To learn more about raku pottery and my process please visit my raku firing page and please contact me if you would like more information.

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Raku Pottery Vessel from Steven Forbes-deSoule
Raku Pottery Space Rock Globe