Space Rock Raku Pottery Globe
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(New) Space Rock Globe


9"H x 12"W

One of my favorite space rock raku pottery pieces!

This piece was crafted using the American raku process and was first created on the potter’s wheel before being fired in the bisque kiln. After this firing, I applied various proprietary glazes . These are poured, sprayed and painted onto the piece prior to being raku fired.

Raku Pottery Firing

These unique glazes enhance the underlying design and texture of the pottery piece. Once the glazes are applied, I fire the pottery in a small raku kiln and when the desired temperature is reached (1875 degrees Fahrenheit) the kiln is opened and the piece is pulled out and placed in a metal container, using newspaper as my combustible.  After a few seconds, the container is covered, smothering the flames. This creates an oxygen starved atmosphere that is rich in carbon.  When the container is opened about 30 minutes later, it’s like being a kid a Christmas, as I’m never sure what I will find. I love the serendipity of this process! You can learn more about raku pottery and my firing process by visiting my raku firing page. To contact me or to sign up for news & information regarding my exhibitions or monthly discounted raku pottery for sale please click here.

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Space Rock Raku Pottery Globe
Space Rock Globe (detail)

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