Ceramic Platter from Steven Forbes-deSoule
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(New) Raku Landscape Platter


18"W x 3"H

This colorful platter was first thrown on the potter's wheel.   After bisque firing the piece in the kiln and cone cooled, the pattern is drawn on with a pencil.  Using the pattern as a guide, I then apply my own underglazes and glazes in the desired areas.  The glazes are sprayed, poured and/or painted on the pieces.  My pottery glazes are homemade using different combustibles which to me makes the process more intimate and personal.

They are then fired in the raku kiln.  To learn more about my raku pottery and how my sculptures like this are created, please visit my raku firing page and please contact me if you would like more information. 

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Ceramic Platter from Steven Forbes-deSoule
Raku Pottery Online | Colorful Platter from Steven Forbes-deSoule