Ikebana Raku Bowl #3
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Sept Pot of the Month | 20% off! Ikebana Bowl #3


6"H x 9"W


This raku bowl is sealed with silicone and therefore suited for holding water, which means it can be used for ikebana flower arranging!  It features my proprietary “space rock” glaze plus fired-on underglazes.

This raku work was developed using the American raku pottery process. It was first built by hand on the potter’s wheel before being fired in the kiln .  Fill this Ikebana bowl with your favorite flower arrangements to illuminate your home or office. This bowl makes a wonderful centerpiece for your dinning room or a stand alone entrance piece.

These unique textures were made from a mix of homemade glazes during the raku firing process. The glazes were painted, sprayed and poured until I was pleased with the final result. The colors of the glaze and the crackle are formed based on the amount of oxygen I allow during the raku firing and cooling.  As oxygen is reduced, the reaction causes the oxygen to be pulled from the glazes, leaving behind a brilliant mix of beautifully colored raku pottery.  The results are always serendipitous and each raku pottery piece I pull from the container is truly one of a kind! 

To learn more about raku pottery please see my home page. To contact me or to sign up for news & information regarding my events or monthly discounted raku pottery for sale please click here.

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Ikebana Raku Bowl #3
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