Raku Pottery of the Month - Green Comet 7
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Pot of the Month | Green Comet #7


7"W x 6.5”H

This month’s raku pottery piece was developed using a revision of March’s Glaze Recipe. The glaze is called Lime Green Crackle and is fired to 1900 degrees F, pulled from the kiln and reduced in a small can with newspaper. The lid is put on immediately and after waiting about 2.5 minutes, the lid is removed. I then rubbed the top of pot with torn newspaper using gloves. Once the paper ignited, I covered the can again immediately and let the piece cool (you may have to use a torch to reignite the paper). As with all of my work each design is different and each pottery piece is unique. Please see my Press & News page for more glaze recipes. or to learn more please see my Raku Firing page.

Please contact me if you would like more information. Please see here for more of my raku vessels.

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Raku Pottery of the Month - Green Comet 7
Green Raku Pottery