Raku Pottery by Steven Forbes-deSoule
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Green Comet #1


9"W x 9"H

This raku pot was developed using my own glazes and underglazes.  I combined both the February glaze and the March glaze together to create this very unique raku pottery piece.  The reticulated glaze on the shoulder is the April glaze of the month, so stay tuned!  As with all of my raku ceramics, these special proprietary glazes were sprayed, poured and/or painted to create a unique mix of colors and textures.  Using these glazes in my firing process creates unpredictable results and no two pieces are alike. 

As with all of my pieces, each design is different and each pottery piece is unique.  The bright colors and different textures are a result of my firing process and the glazes I use.  This piece will brighten any interior setting and is an ideal entrance piece. 

Please contact me if you would like more information.  Please see here for more of my raku vessels. 

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Raku Pottery by Steven Forbes-deSoule
Raku Ceramics by Steven Forbes-deSoule