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(New) Dancing Spirit #3 Raku Vase



This impressive ceramic vase was hand built. It is water sealed with silicone and ready for your flower arrangement. Once bisque fired, different underglazes and glazes were sprayed on this ceramic vase and rake fired.

I personally develop all of my glaze recipes, which to me makes the work more personal and more intimate.   The underglazes and glazes are used to enhance the underlying design and texture of the piece. 

To see decorative vases and other sculpture like this please see here.

To learn more about raku pottery and my process please visit my raku firing page. To contact me or to sign up for news & information regarding my exhibitions or monthly discounted raku pottery for sale please click here.

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Dancing Spirit #3 16 1:2%22H $250.jpg
Raku Pottery Vase #3