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(New) Craggy Garden Dawn


3"D x 17.5"W

This one of a kind colorful raku platter was layered with my signature glazes before being raku fired. There is something special when I apply my own glaze recipes and change the entire composition of a raku pottery piece.  The glazes are sprayed, poured and/or painted on each piece. Once the piece is raku fired, the colors and the crackle of the pottery begins to take shape with the amount of oxygen allowed during the raku firing and cooling. 

The beautiful oranges and reds were inspired by the horizon around my studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Weaverville, NC. The space rock texture is a feature found in most of my raku pottery. This platter adds a unique vibrancy to any well lit hallway or makes for a beautifully colored wall hanging.

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Raku Pottery Wall Art
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