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Celestial Bodies Raku Tiles


63"L x 27"H

These decorative raku wall tiles were individually cut 9" square from 3/8" thick slabs of clay.  Upon drying, the tiles were bisque fired standing upright in the kiln. Once they are cooled and laid out in the desired size and shape, I pencil draw the patterns you see as a guide for where to apply the underglazes and glazes.  Each tile is created from proprietary glazes that I make a variety of insoluble glaze materials.  They are then fired 3 at a time in the raku kiln.  

The metallics that I most often use in the glazes are copper, silver, cobalt and chrome. They melt in the firing and leave some spectacular results.  I may also use the glazes to enhance the underlying design or texture of the piece.  The colors of the glaze and the crackle are dependent on the amount of reduction allowed during the raku firing and cooling. .

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This large ceramic wall hanging was created using the raku process.  To learn more about my raku pottery and how my wall pieces are created, please visit my raku firing page. To contact me or to sign up for news & information regarding my exhibitions or monthly discounted raku pottery for sale please click here.

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Raku Wall Art & Pottery by Steven Forbes de-Soule
Raku Pottery Wall Tiles by Steven Forbes de-Soule

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