Colorful Raku Pottery Vessel
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Blue Lidded Raku Vessel


13.5"H x 9.5"W

This blue lidded vessel was developed using the raku firing technique.  It was first created on the potter's wheel before being fired in the kiln and cooled.  Once the pottery is cooled, I apply the different homemade glazes by spraying, pouring or painting them on.  The pottery is then raku fired and cooled. As I allow oxygen into the process to react with the glazes, the colors and textures are drastically altered.  My glaze combinations and firing techniques ensure each raku ceramic is completely different from the rest.  All of my glazes are made myself which adds a more personal touch to my raku pottery.  

This particular piece was inspired by the incredible landscape vistas that I see daily at my home studio in the Smoky Mountains near Weaverville, NC.

To learn more about raku pottery and my process please visit my raku firing page and please contact me if you would like more information.

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Colorful Raku Pottery Vessel
Unique Raku Pottery Vessel